Common Ground – A Staged Reading of the new original musical by Stan Wietrzychowski and Granville Wyche

Granville Wyche Burgess and Stan Wietrzychowski have finally gotten their new musical to the “table reading” stage. They are delighted to be offering people in the Bridgeport CT area a chance to see what all the work has been about. “Our musical is called “Common Ground”, and it’s about the efforts of America (at the time of the Civil War) to grapple with the monumental questions of human rights and the impact of those rights upon her people”. Stan has written an outstanding, emotionally moving score to the thoughtful, insightful book authored by Granville. Come for a listen on March 3, 2017 to the Downtown Cabaret in Bridgeport CT. The fun begins at 8 p.m.

“Music hath charms…”

“The power of music is remarkable…One sees Parkinsonian patients unable to walk, but able to DANCE perfectly well, or patients almost unable to talk, who are able to SING perfectly well.”  –Dr. Oliver Sacks Awakenings and Musicophilia

What IS this amazing, mystical power?  MUSIC.

Say it with awe and reverence, with joy and tears…music…music_notes

Holiday Music!



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